An Exclusive, Extended clip from Reckless with me and Ford Andrews

Here’s an exclusive clip from my new scene with new-comer Ford Andrews in Reckless. Ford hadn’t made porn before, he was a bit nervous right off the top but by the end, he was loving every second of it. It took me a while to figure out that he looks a bit like Freddy Mercury in his “hot leather man” phase in the early 80s. Those wolf eyes, the broad smile and the square jaw. A great face to look down at while you get your dick worked over.

You can see the whole movie Reckless and all my movies at the new Titanmen website.

Check out some action pics after the jump…

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How To: Eat Candy Snakes.

Yum. Candy Snakes.

Sadly, the blisters are not caused by wanking off


One of the strangest scenes that I’ve done. not just because of the haunting and creepy setting of a bondage sex club or that the scene starts with Francois Sagat hallucinating that he’s being taunted by himself on the video screen or that it ends with Hunter Marx being murdered by Aymeric Deville.

Incubus was one of the most ambitious movies that Titan had done in years and it was a payoff. Incubus was a huge hit and not only relaunched Francois as a major star of not just porn but art, fashion and “being Francois” but also launched the  new Titanmen website.

Small bit of trivia: Right after shooting this video, we had a bit of a birthday party for Hunter and then we raced over to the Castro to shoot the “Stripping In The Street” video for my song “Porn Star.”

Check out the gallery of stills after the jump…

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Sneak Peek at my new movie Restless…

Finally getting a chance to see the scene I shot with new Titan man Ford Andrews. Reckless is a movie that shows guys who know they should be working but can’t keep their hands off each other.

But Reckless also has another new Titanmen star Stanny Falcone, who many of you might know as the former professional soccer player who became a gay porn star. He does a scene with Hunter Marx that’s got hair flying everywhere.

More action pictures after the jump.

You can see the movie Reckless rolling out on the new Titanmen website. … OR join the Titanmen DVD Club and get every new Titanmen movie before anyone else AND you get full access to the Titanmen website with unlimited access to the entire online catalogue. That’s 17 years of porn…

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Having fun out there singing…

I’ve been doing a lot of singing. Was just in Berlin singing at Brunnen70. Popular party in Germany. Above was in Greece. I’m usually so close to the audience that people have actually come up and sucked my dick on stage while I’m singing. That’s quite a rush.

I guess after you do walk naked through the streets of San Francisco, nobody is shocked…

a couple more clips from Greece after the jump…
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