Multiple Grabby Award Nominations!

IMG_8689…really??…is that?? WOW~!

The Grabby Awards nominations came out last night and I’m very proud to have been part of so many different movies that were nominated and even snagged a handful of nominations for myself.

Biggest news is Francois Sagat’s Incubus 2 getting 9 nominations and – if you expand it to include all the shout-outs to the stars, over 20. Best Movie, Director, Actor, Group Scene, Art Direction Screenplay… the list goes on and on. Add to that multiple nominations for the stars of Incubus, Hunter Marx, Christopher Daniels, Jesse Jackman, Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati.

index-1That includes nominations that I got for Hottest Top and Performer Of The Year.

Then Nominations for Francois for Best Actor and Director.

Check out Francois’s blog post about it here.

I’m so glad I was part of that.

Two other Titanmen movies I was in got nominations… Brian Mills’ Head Trip where I did a scene with Allen Silver.

Then Scott Hunter and I were nominated for Best Duo Scene in Jasun Mark’s Nightfall. By the way… Scott also got nominated for Best Newcomer.

And THEN both Brian and Jasun were nominated for Best Still Photography.

Cherry on Top was a nomination for Titanmen as Best Studio Site.

Then one of my other favorites for Lucas Entertainment,  Awake got four nominations including  Best Screenplay, Group Scene, Actor and Videography.


My New Scene from Titanmen’s GRIND.


SO PROUD I HAVE MADE ANOTHER TITAN COVER ;))…my porn-family who raised me ;)…i love em 😉

Shot the same week that we shot Nightfall in Los Angeles. Jasun Mark directed both of those movies and I’m very proud the scenes have turned out so well. We got used to working with each other and we are a good team, Rr. Jasun ;)))

And well-received.

This one starts out with James Corman and me making out on the roof of a huge warehouse right in downtown Los Angeles. You could see all the way to the snow-topped mountains to the east, the Hollywood sign, the ocean to the west.

James… what a handsome man and what a body.

Click Here to see an extended preview of my scene with James Corman.

And you can see how I learned how to do it all from the masters.

You can also get GRIND here on DVD… currently on Sale too.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

Click Here to see an extended preview of my scene with James Corman.

Jessy In and Out of the Lederhosen.

OK… the story behind this video is that we weren’t actually shooting a movie. Well, we were… but not with the lederhosen. But Brian Mills wanted pictures of an uncut man with a hardon wearing lederhosen and guess who got to do the honors?

Jessy Jackman is there lending his support as always. This video is really funny and you can see what kind of fun we have on the set even when we’re not actually making a porn movie.

This is what a Titanmen set is like. Click Here to check out all the movies with Jessy Ares.

Here’s Part 2…

Nightfall Reviewed by Gay Comic Geek

Check out this fantastic review of  Nightfall by Gay Comic Geek.

A very hot scene, a top-notch movie. We’re all proud to be a part of it.

You can see it here at Titanmen.

Or buy Nightfall on DVD here (on sale right now.. don’t miss).

Nightfall with Scott Hunter and Jessy Ares

Entering his first sex club, smooth Scott Hunter is instantly targeted by doorman Jessy Ares— who wraps his arm around Scott and pulls him in, kissing him deep. With his boner jutting out of his jeans, Jessy slaps Scott’s pecs before spitting on the newbie’s cock and engulfing it. “Slap it on my fuckin’ mouth!” demands Jessy. They kiss, Jessy then feeding his rock-hard beast to the hottie.

Fuckin’ suck my dick! All the way down!” A hot low shot looks up at Jessy’s steel shaft, hairy pecs and wicked smile as he gets serviced. “Fuckin’ filthy bastard! Show me you want that dick in your ass!” Jessy face fucks Scott before feeding him hole, then eats him back before ramming him from behind. The top’s multiple muscles clench and balls bang as spit falls down from his mouth in a hot display of animalistic passion.

Scott gets on his back for more, stroking as Jessy’s thick shaft dives inside. He shoots, Jessy then dumping his load on the bottom’s balls.

Click Here to check out the whole movie at Titanmen.

Gallery after the jump…

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Fluffing On the Set of Nightfall with Scott Hunter.

Yeah we’ve all heard the stories about a “fluffer” on set at a porn shoot. But the truth is… porn stars are porn stars because we like having sex with hot men. And if your scene partner needs to get a hard dick for his still shoot, who better to get him hard?

Here’s pics from the set of Nightfall. We needed hard dicks for the stills… hard dicks is what we got. Haha.

The scene itself is hot as fuck. Two big uncut dicks, Scott Hunter loving every inch rammed up his hole. Lots of cum. And the movie itself is a dark, surreal and wild look at men finally giving in to their deepest, darkest temptations, going out into the darkness and danger to get what they want.

You can see ALL of Nightfall at Titanmen.

Joe Gage Special Reserve…

Jesse and Kyle Quinn in the new Joe Gage movie “Special Reserve.”

This scene casts Jessy as a sports agent and talent scout with his sights set on a young recruit.

Click Here to watch the movie at

On the Road Again…

Been in Northern California for a few days hanging out with friends.

Now on to Los Angeles for a week of shooting with Titanmen.

And maybe a trip to Disneyland?