ricky was my boyfriend…now fiancé..he is cuban but lives in Germany since 12 years.

We have been together now for almost half year. The way we met was undescribeable. We saw eachother and both of our lights went out. It was attraction that i cannot put in words. I actually got affraid of it at first..affraid of that I could lose control..it was just so strong. I wanted to take off…but he wouldn’t let me…he cancelled his 1-week vacation on Mallorca where he was supposed to fly next day….when I took off a whole bunch of strange things happened that somehow led me back to him.

Ever since that day we have been together almost everyday…we moved in together right away…we cannot be without eachother…it’s like we are addicted to one another…….I hadn’t even shot anymore porn since then….we just wanna be together allone with no one else… I don’t want to call it jealousy, but the way we feel, we just want to be with each other.
So i didn’t shoot anymore porn…we decided to shoot together for the last one so i wouldn’t have to be with anyone else.

Here are some pictures from our scene at Cazzo Film





New Tattoo

thx 4 all ur comments, you guys……I am very happy it turns out better every time I continue getting it done….as for the tatoo….

when i was still modeling i was never allowed to have any tatoos or piercings……as a teenager, coming from a conservative military family, my parents would have probably killed me….i remember when my brother got his ear pierced with 16 and tried to hide it with a band aid for weeks…haha…my dad slapped him across the dinner table when the trick wasn’t believeable anymore….lol…..

being in porn, i noticed almost everyone has tatoos….and i was flirting with the idea more and more, but didn’t do it still, cuz people told me “since everyone has them u r more special without”…..now that i am more or less not actively shooting porn…..i spent months on what to get……to me a tatoo has to have meaning, needs to fit the person and blend into the body in order to be considered beautyful and wearable for ur entire life.
So…my decision was an attacking lion with wings.
The lion stands for myself as my star sign is leo. The wings stand for freedom and spiritual growth. The attacking stands for the will to grow.
I want to enhance my horizon spiritually and grow…all my life…we never stop learning….having to let go our ego to become better beings…..

the tatoo artist is a 17 year old girl…..i met her through my fiancé ricky who has friends at a studio…
even when i knew what i wanted. i was still very sceptic on finding the right person to do it, where i would feel comfortable.
when i met Janis, we clicked right away….i looked at her drawings…..and watched her work……


the girl reminds me of myself when i drew back then…….she draws the same things with the same thoughts….beautyful faces, people, mostly with an ancient roman greek touch……janis is actually only an apprentice…still learning in a tatoo studio here in berlin called “The temple”……but in the little time she is working she became better than a lot of others who had been there for years…..

…it’s quite an act though…and getting more and more painful…lol…i started with the lion on the arm…..hardly noticed anything……now getting to the wing on the back i just wanna bite a piece of leather sometimes…..and the other wing will be over part of the chest….where i have heard it becomes even more painful….ufffff…..

My First Award Ever…

ntfl_dvd_front (1) I heard the news Sunday morning but this is my first chance to write anything about it.

I’m very happy to have won my first award ever… Scott Hunter and I have won Best Duo for our scene together in Nightfall. It’s also cool that my first award ever was won for a scene I did for Titan… the first studio I ever worked for. Nightfall was a great scene but one of the things I remember the most was how hot it was that day.

The scene takes place late at night in a basement sex club called “TRICK,” but we shot it in the middle of a massive heat wave that swept Los Angeles in an empty space that was once a Tattoo Studio (yes, the same place used for the Tattoo Artist 3-way scene with Caleb Colton, Collin Stone and Christopher Daniels in Jasun Mark’s other movie GRIND. You can see the same metal work on the walls). We had to keep stopping to open the doors, turn on the fans and get some cool air in there.


Scott Hunter is beautiful. Those eyes!

Thanks very much to all involved, Keith and Bruce, Brian Mills, Paul Wilde and of course Jasun Mark who directed the scene. Also Rich and the guys in editing and Robert and the guys in the art department that always make us look so good on the covers of the DVDs. HAHA.

BY THE WAY… Titanmen is currently having a Sale on all of their DVD titles. You can get them for as low as $13.40.

If you want to see an extended preview of the scene, you can watch it at the Titanmen website. And of course, if you want to see previews of ANY of my Titanmen movies, you can see them on the special Jessy Ares page on Titanmen.

And thanks to all of you who keep supporting me both in my porn movies and when I come to sing live in your towns. It’s always a great experience meeting you and having fun live with a real audience.

Keep watching, there’s more on the way.

nightfall_scene3_Ares_Hunter_19 nightfall_scene3_Ares_Hunter_14 nightfall_scene3_Ares_Hunter_07 nightfall_scene3_Ares_Hunter_01 IMG_8900 IMG_8811

Nightfall Reviewed by Gay Comic Geek

Check out this fantastic review of  Nightfall by Gay Comic Geek.

A very hot scene, a top-notch movie. We’re all proud to be a part of it.

You can see it here at Titanmen.

Or buy Nightfall on DVD here (on sale right now.. don’t miss).

Fluffing On the Set of Nightfall with Scott Hunter.

Yeah we’ve all heard the stories about a “fluffer” on set at a porn shoot. But the truth is… porn stars are porn stars because we like having sex with hot men. And if your scene partner needs to get a hard dick for his still shoot, who better to get him hard?

Here’s pics from the set of Nightfall. We needed hard dicks for the stills… hard dicks is what we got. Haha.

The scene itself is hot as fuck. Two big uncut dicks, Scott Hunter loving every inch rammed up his hole. Lots of cum. And the movie itself is a dark, surreal and wild look at men finally giving in to their deepest, darkest temptations, going out into the darkness and danger to get what they want.

You can see ALL of Nightfall at Titanmen.

On the Road Again…

Been in Northern California for a few days hanging out with friends.

Now on to Los Angeles for a week of shooting with Titanmen.

And maybe a trip to Disneyland?

more Srdjan Milinković

Srdjan Milinković is  quite popular and well known in the fashion industry here in Germany.

When I started modeling about 5 years ago for print and runway, I was sent to him in order to get my portfolio done….actually, he allready told me in the past when he first saw me: “my friend, you look fucking hot, but I think you are too crazy and look to sexual for the model-industry.”

I was a bit offended, as I couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

Besides…I’d managed to make a living off of fashion-modeling back then, but….after always getting in arguments with all those fashion queens which made me decide in rage to fuck it all and step in to porn….I guess he was right…. at the end……

just recently, I took a look at my portofolio and my book of publications….I managed to get a few good high-fashion jobs…even some great TV-commercials………BUT throughout my enitre book of 4 years work, I had to realize that I was majorly always booked for SPORTS; UNDERWEAR and NUDES.

I should have stepped into Porn a lot earlier.

Srdjan Milinković

hey guys…check theese out….just worked with very known fashion photographer in Munich named Srdjan Milinković….theese pics aren’t even retouched yet…he is really good… he has done almost all my modeling pics for my book, throughout the years. working with him was always a pleasure…even now when i told him i need some more racey pics for my porn career…stay tuned…nude ones will follow…

How To: Eat Candy Snakes.

Yum. Candy Snakes.

Sadly, the blisters are not caused by wanking off