My Day At Disneyland

Jessy Ares at Disneyland from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

Wow… this is a long lost gem. David Richards shot this the week I was in Los Angeles shooting my last movie for Titanmen, Nightfall.

I’d forgotten there was even a video of this. So much fun.

Spitfire Leather

Performing Pornstar and Callboy Ahoy at the Spitfire Leather fashion show in London.

….this is a just released video from hotrods awards and Hustlaball in London….(I was nominated in three categories….1. best international artist; 2. most wanted q.x. model, 3. best newcomer)………..I won best newcomer……….this was the opening of the Hustlaball …when Spitfire Leather was doing a fashion show on stage while i was singing pornstar and callboy ahoy ….

7 Deadly Sins

Here is a link to the “making of” of the KARE-production…….the collection will be sold worldwide in all their stores …and first presentation is in Paris and Frankfurt.

In this production Hückelheim tackles the contradictions between individualised, digital modernism and the social conventions, rules and principles which have been handed down through the generations. For this purpose he selected the seven deadly sins as a symbolic image world, breaking down the strict rules and regulations surrounding them with a variety of images.

He regards breaking free from restrictions and shaking off shackles as a primeval desire which gives new sense to existence: The meaning of life is for people to come closer together, to show tolerance and share their striving for love and happiness.

The production was so much fun…and KARE-design really knows how to spoil Pornstars….we were picked up by Limos, every day of that week.

Jessy In and Out of the Lederhosen.

OK… the story behind this video is that we weren’t actually shooting a movie. Well, we were… but not with the lederhosen. But Brian Mills wanted pictures of an uncut man with a hardon wearing lederhosen and guess who got to do the honors?

Jessy Jackman is there lending his support as always. This video is really funny and you can see what kind of fun we have on the set even when we’re not actually making a porn movie.

This is what a Titanmen set is like. Click Here to check out all the movies with Jessy Ares.

Here’s Part 2…

Having fun out there singing…

I’ve been doing a lot of singing. Was just in Berlin singing at Brunnen70. Popular party in Germany. Above was in Greece. I’m usually so close to the audience that people have actually come up and sucked my dick on stage while I’m singing. That’s quite a rush.

I guess after you do walk naked through the streets of San Francisco, nobody is shocked…

a couple more clips from Greece after the jump…
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