here is the cover for “Pornpop”….it was actually shot by GIGOLOS …..the famous pornstar-hosting party in London and Paris….
My song PORNPOP has been released on many internet portals already…the song is doing good ….the 2nd day it came out, two very known house productions are using the songs for a compilation CD.
1. House Therapy Selection vol. 1
Mofalco Recordings
2. Sexy House Impact 2013
Baccara Music
The sponsors were KARE-design. They booked D.O. and me because they were preparing a new collection of furniture called “7 deadly sins” parallel to the “Original Sinners ” production we did in Costa Rica for Lucas Entertainment.

Originally Adam Killian was supposed to be part of it as well, but he was already booked for another job at that time. So it came down to D.O. and me.

Papichuloradio in Miami did a 3 hour exclusive interview about the shoot, my Pornstar career, my album, the KARE-production and my new single PORNPOP.

If you want to see pictures from the Lucas Entertainment movie Original Sins I mentioned above… after the jump…

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As everyone knows, I have brought out my first Album a view months ago, called “ARESTIRADO-SHAMELESS”.

“KARE-DESIGN”, an international furniture and lifestyle company that also brings out CD´s of new artists, has released  it on disc within their stores in 23 countries and 48 cities, worldwide. Shortly after, it was also brought out to be bought on I-tunes, Amazon and other Internet-portals.

One of the songs (PORNSTAR) was dedicated to the great and stress free work with TITAN, whom  also liked my music and used it as soundtrack-material for the movie COMMAND PERFORMANCE, even shooting a quick and hilarious music video in which me and my co-workers stripped our clothes walking through Castros/San.Fran. It really worked and got attention wether in a good or bad way. A lot of people liked it but I also remember some people getting mad, considering  it unappropriate and disrespectful to children who might have been there, that day. To those people I would just like to say- It´s all legal in San Francisco. We were only using the law for our purpose. Other critics have been he quality of the music video and if we were really serious about this – come on people, how serious can it be to walk through a pedestrian zone, naked!?

It was supposed to be funny and get attention and that is what it obviously did.

After many press articles, I started getting bookings to perform all over the world. In GREECE it had worked out the best. There, I had about 3 radio interviews and  performed  in ATHENS, THESSALONIKI and MYCONOS. Other than that, I was also booked to perform at MICKY´S/WEST HOOLYWOOD in the USA, and at ROSE KENNEDY BALL/ BERLIN; GERMANY. And of course I also have further bookings for the future.

In Greece I had met the person who does the blog-content for “Queer me now”. He has recorded this film for his blog to help me promote my music.