My Day At Disneyland

Jessy Ares at Disneyland from Jasun mark on Vimeo.

Wow… this is a long lost gem. David Richards shot this the week I was in Los Angeles shooting my last movie for Titanmen, Nightfall.

I’d forgotten there was even a video of this. So much fun.

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  1. Norman Walker
    Norman Walker says:

    Sometimes seeing a porn guy in person or in a casual situation destroys the fantasy image created by his porn persona. But in this case, after seeing you in hot porn scenes, and then seeing how sexy and down-to earth you are enjoying yourself at Disneyland, the attraction I previously had for you is exponentially intensified. I never grew out of my childhood obsession with Disneyland, and it was as much a pleasure watching you have fun in the park as imagining the hairy garden of delight underneath your shirt.


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