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thx 4 all ur comments, you guys……I am very happy it turns out better every time I continue getting it done….as for the tatoo….

when i was still modeling i was never allowed to have any tatoos or piercings……as a teenager, coming from a conservative military family, my parents would have probably killed me….i remember when my brother got his ear pierced with 16 and tried to hide it with a band aid for weeks…haha…my dad slapped him across the dinner table when the trick wasn’t believeable anymore….lol…..

being in porn, i noticed almost everyone has tatoos….and i was flirting with the idea more and more, but didn’t do it still, cuz people told me “since everyone has them u r more special without”… that i am more or less not actively shooting porn…..i spent months on what to get……to me a tatoo has to have meaning, needs to fit the person and blend into the body in order to be considered beautyful and wearable for ur entire life.
So…my decision was an attacking lion with wings.
The lion stands for myself as my star sign is leo. The wings stand for freedom and spiritual growth. The attacking stands for the will to grow.
I want to enhance my horizon spiritually and grow…all my life…we never stop learning….having to let go our ego to become better beings…..

the tatoo artist is a 17 year old girl…..i met her through my fiancé ricky who has friends at a studio…
even when i knew what i wanted. i was still very sceptic on finding the right person to do it, where i would feel comfortable.
when i met Janis, we clicked right away….i looked at her drawings…..and watched her work……


the girl reminds me of myself when i drew back then…….she draws the same things with the same thoughts….beautyful faces, people, mostly with an ancient roman greek touch……janis is actually only an apprentice…still learning in a tatoo studio here in berlin called “The temple”……but in the little time she is working she became better than a lot of others who had been there for years…..

…it’s quite an act though…and getting more and more painful…lol…i started with the lion on the arm…..hardly noticed anything……now getting to the wing on the back i just wanna bite a piece of leather sometimes…..and the other wing will be over part of the chest….where i have heard it becomes even more painful….ufffff…..

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  1. Wat
    Wat says:

    I love all your films and am glad you were engaged with Ricky. Many happy moments together .
    But I am sad you decided yo have tattoos. You are more special without them.
    What will you do with them when getting older?
    When will the full album of Pornpop be released ? You have an amazing voice .


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