I Bottomed For Paddy O’Brian. And you Wanna Know The Truth?

…lol….well, I volunteered to bottom for Paddy because he is a friend and we hang out sometimes after work….he is a fun and cool buddy…and he is short and I thought his little man would be the same….HOW LITTLE DID I KNOW!!

Even though I sometimes try, everybody knows I am not a very good bottom….and with Paddy’s huge noodle it was quite a challenge…we took breaks every 2 minutes….I was heavy breathing like I was getting ready to lift heavy weights every time he had to stick it back in….everyone on the set was cracking up…lol…

Funny, though.

Watch the whole movie in “Original Sinners” at Lucas Entertainment.







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  1. Tawat
    Tawat says:

    I was thrilled watching you bottoming for Paddy. But would love Paddy suck you, rim you and get fucked by you too. Seems to me you are a very good rimmer. Arse eating is your favorite sex part? How do you get past the smell?


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