here is the cover for “Pornpop”….it was actually shot by GIGOLOS …..the famous pornstar-hosting party in London and Paris….
My song PORNPOP has been released on many internet portals already…the song is doing good ….the 2nd day it came out, two very known house productions are using the songs for a compilation CD.
1. House Therapy Selection vol. 1
Mofalco Recordings
2. Sexy House Impact 2013
Baccara Music
The sponsors were KARE-design. They booked D.O. and me because they were preparing a new collection of furniture called “7 deadly sins” parallel to the “Original Sinners ” production we did in Costa Rica for Lucas Entertainment.

Originally Adam Killian was supposed to be part of it as well, but he was already booked for another job at that time. So it came down to D.O. and me.

Papichuloradio in Miami did a 3 hour exclusive interview about the shoot, my Pornstar career, my album, the KARE-production and my new single PORNPOP.

If you want to see pictures from the Lucas Entertainment movie Original Sins I mentioned above… after the jump…

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I Bottomed For Paddy O’Brian. And you Wanna Know The Truth?

…lol….well, I volunteered to bottom for Paddy because he is a friend and we hang out sometimes after work….he is a fun and cool buddy…and he is short and I thought his little man would be the same….HOW LITTLE DID I KNOW!!

Even though I sometimes try, everybody knows I am not a very good bottom….and with Paddy’s huge noodle it was quite a challenge…we took breaks every 2 minutes….I was heavy breathing like I was getting ready to lift heavy weights every time he had to stick it back in….everyone on the set was cracking up…lol…

Funny, though.

Watch the whole movie in “Original Sinners” at Lucas Entertainment.







7 Deadly Sins

Here is a link to the “making of” of the KARE-production…….the collection will be sold worldwide in all their stores …and first presentation is in Paris and Frankfurt.

In this production Hückelheim tackles the contradictions between individualised, digital modernism and the social conventions, rules and principles which have been handed down through the generations. For this purpose he selected the seven deadly sins as a symbolic image world, breaking down the strict rules and regulations surrounding them with a variety of images.

He regards breaking free from restrictions and shaking off shackles as a primeval desire which gives new sense to existence: The meaning of life is for people to come closer together, to show tolerance and share their striving for love and happiness.

The production was so much fun…and KARE-design really knows how to spoil Pornstars….we were picked up by Limos, every day of that week.